The 8 Vital Signs for Measuring the Health of Your Company

Patrick Lencioni advises us that nothing matters more than organizational health.

So how do you go about measuring the organizational health of an insurance or entrepreneurial organization? You may be surprised to learn it’s the same set of core ideas for all businesses!

The 8 Vital Signs of Company Health

  1. Guiding Principles – A healthy company is very clear about its Guiding Principles, or Core Values. Everyone on the team makes decisions by and lives the Guiding Principles every day. This allows you to create a consistent client experience.
  2. Vision – The leaders of a healthy company are passionate about their 3, 5, 10-year Vision of what the company will be like as a place to work and what numbers it will be hitting. This provides a target for everyone to strive for.
  3. Performance Measurement – In a healthy company, setting stretch goals and measuring results against those goals is second nature. This gives everyone an opportunity for personal growth.
  4. Employee Engagement – At the heart of a healthy company is an interdependent team of people who are aligned on the Guiding Principles and know how their work is connected to the Vision. When employees are excited about your organization, they share that enthusiasm with your clients.
  5. Client Engagement – A healthy company has a clear definition of the Ideal Clients it strives to attract and retain. When your team works with clients who are a good fit, they’re motivated to deliver an exceptional client experience.
  6. Leadership – A healthy company has a cohesive leadership team that is equally effective at nurturing and growing its people as it is at achieving exceptional results. Leadership sets the example and the tone for everyone else to follow.
  7. Strategic Plan – A healthy company has a living, working plan for how it will move from its current levels of performance to the standards set out in its Vision. Plans and processes can make the difference between merely wanting and actually achieving.
  8. Accountability – In a healthy company, performance is recognized and rewarded, and non-performance is not tolerated. Toxic behavior from just one person can bring down a great company.

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