Programs designed specifically for insurance professionals:

We are entrepreneurs just like you. We’ve all traveled on different paths. Our path led us into the insurance business... how about you? We’ve accumulated a lot of insurance-related expertise on our journey, and we are pleased to share our knowledge and experience in addition to the Passionate Enterprise Program in the following ways:

Broker Performance Group

The Broker Performance Group is a small group of high-performance, growth-minded brokers from across Canada working to escalate their business performance. Through peer-group sharing of best practices and collaboration, participants hold each-other accountable to commitments and celebrate together on progress achievements.

Grow your business with hands-on support and coaching

  • Leadership teams gather for 3-day Performance Summits in spring and fall. The agendas are packed with inspirational speakers and learning with actionable take-aways, sharing best practices with other brokerages and team time for planning.
  • Monthly coaching for CEO with iC3 coaches to keep you focused on your Strategic Plan.
  • Annual BPG Performance EvaluatorTM report showing your results benchmarked and ranked against your peer group, as well as iC3’s benchmark goals, with full debriefing at the fall Summit.
  • Annual anonymous Employee Engagement Survey conducted for your team by iC3 with coaching and guidance for planning and launching the survey. Turn the results into action with detailed results reporting and coaching on how to debrief the results with staff and create action to execute on plans and communicate company progress.
  • Annual Customer Engagement Survey conducted by iC3 along with coaching and guidance for planning and launching the survey. Take action with detailed results reporting and coaching for how to debrief the results with staff to create action plans to execute on and communicate company progress.

Interested in joining this peer group?

TechFit technical training for insurance professionals

The TechFitTM Program offers Train the Trainer Commercial and/or Personal Insurance Programs. Drawing from our own hands-on experience in the industry, you’ll leave training with a complete program for your team, including individual profiles as a gap analysis, and the skills to continue your own training.

Each program, which will be licensed to you and facilitated by a member of your staff, includes a complete Leader’s Guide of in-depth notes that will walk your facilitator through the “how to” of each day.

The programs start off by having each staff member complete the TechFit Knowledge Profile. The Knowledge Profile is a ‘test’ that allows us to create a staff Learning Opportunity Map – a chart that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each staff member. This Map will be used to develop Individual Training Plans with a focus where it is needed – We call this “Surgical Training.”  We conduct the Knowledge Profile before and after each training session to measure the success of the training.

The methods of conducting the lectures, case studies, group exercises, group discussions, etc. are all included, PLUS there are exercises with suggested answers, animated slideshows, participant workbooks, and additional supportive charts and addendums to make this training seamless for your facilitator and staff.

Interested in improving technical training for your staff?

Sales systems for insurance professionals

We have created The Opportunity GuardTM Sales System for commercial clients, and The Lifestyle BlueprintTM Sales System for personal clients.

Having a consistent, buyer-focused sales system helps your business grow predictably.

  • Transform your sales team from insurance policy vendors into risk advisors.
  • Make it easier to recruit and train new producers.
  • Triple your closing ratio.
  • Attract bigger and better clients.
  • Totally differentiate your brokerage from your competition.
  • Make your existing clients truly bullet-proof.

Want to transform your sales team and triple your closing ratio?

How to build a growth brokerage

You are a success. You are obviously doing things right. You have good producers managing commercial books. Yet, at the same time, you’re probably frustrated with senior producers lacking capacity to bring in new business.

Having a consistent formula for segmenting commercial clients helps your business grow exponentially.

  • Segment your client base using Book of Business snapshots and the 80/20 rule.
  • Establish Independent Business Unit (IBU) specialized in handling small commercial business.
  • Producers trade-off small business accounts annually to the Independent Business Unit freeing their capacity to allow them to pursue new business in mid-market commercial or larger.

Want to breathe new life into your commercial sales producer’s capacity for bringing in new business?

Take the Results Accelerator to see what your professional insurance organization needs to become a Passionate Enterprise.

The iC3 team helped us to become a more focused organization. The Passionate Enterprise model has offered much needed structure, as well as a method to hold each other accountable. Implementation of  regular check in meetings has offered clarity of expectations, and this has changed the dynamic of our team.

The accountability meetings are actually fun! We’re working together as a team, we’re more engaged, and we’re having great success in accomplishing our projects!      

Christy Seyler
Vice President of Operations & Acquisitions, Bakova Group of Companies