What is a Passionate Enterprise?

A Passionate Enterprise is one where everyone on the team feels the spirit and embodies the passion for the vision.

We have designed The Passionate Enterprise TM 7-step model as a roadmap to guide our entrepreneurial clients on the road to transformation from where the business is now to where they want it to be in 1,3,5….10 years into the future!

Businesses are challenged by a rapidly increasing pace of change, and entrepreneurs and business leaders are inundated with new challenges over and above their daily tasks. While the changes and pace may be invigorating for the entrepreneur, it measurably slows their progress of achieving their vision.

The solution: Turn the challenges into advantages by learning how to manage through them with the Passionate Enterprise program.

What area does your business need to focus on?Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we'll help you pick the path that's right for you! Here are some of the ways we can help you:


It can be hard to hold people accountable, but it doesn’t have to be. Discover the accountability tools that work best for your company.

Leadership Team

Leading an organization takes a strong team approach. Define the 8 key roles on your leadership team and fill them with the right people.


Company vision is the bedrock of the business and provides guidance for everyone. Clearly articulate your complete vision with our Vision Creator™.

Customer Engagement

Engaged customers drive growth and profitability for your business. Build, measure and engage your customers through your team.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are your ultimate advantage. Build, measure, and engage your team to make the biggest impact on your business.

Strategic Planning

Everyone agrees a plan is important, yet most don’t have one. The iC3 Strategic Plan Builder™ gives you a step-by-step roadmap to building your own Strategic Plan.

Guiding Principals

These are the tools your team uses to make consistent, company-aligned decisions. Speed up your organization by adding your own powerful guiding principles.


It’s impossible to get where you want to go unless you know where you are now. Benchmark your results to see how you stack up against the best in your industry.

There are three ways you can engage with us:



Let us help you deal with your biggest challenge! Pick the topic that will make the biggest impact on your business.



What are the Top 3 priorities you want to accomplish?  We will help you build a plan and stay on track with a monthly coaching call.



Ready to go for the summit? Let us help you build and execute a long-term strategic plan to reach your goals.

What are you waiting for?


Step 1

Take the Results Accelerator to see where your business might need some support.

Step 2

Schedule a discovery call with one of our coaches. We’ll help you come up with the right plan of action for your business.

Step 3

Make the investment to support your vision and grow your business.

The Results Accelerator:

Taking our Results Accelerator is the first step to ensuring you and your business reach your full potential. As well as you already know your business, our Results Accelerator promises to bring an even greater level of clarity. Let’s get started. It only takes 5 minutes!

Rick coached me through several very critical aspects of culture change we initiated in our firm. Because of Rick’s guidance I was able to simplify the process, gain clarity around the vision and core values I wanted for my company. The tools and resources that Rick used to guide me made the process move forward, kept me engaged, allowed me to look deep within and ultimately develop the Core Values of our company and the vision of where we are going.

Dean D’Camera Managing Member, D’Camera Group