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Where are you going?

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How will you get there?

Build and execute your plan.

The Passionate Enterprise

We understand the challenges you face – we’ve been coaching leaders just like you for over 25 years. Whether you’re a master of strategic planning or you’ve never built a strategic plan, having a roadmap to follow can really help. With The Passionate Enterprise, here’s what you get:

The Model
The Plan
Passionate Enterprise Process

We help ambitious leaders like you build great companies and achieve exceptional results.

Here's what our clients have to say...

iC3 has provided enormous guidance in the overall operations of my business. My current success can be attributed to iC3’s coaching around many aspects of my business, including growing the business, improving client relationships and increasing the level of employee engagement. Over the past 5 years my business has grown significantly and there are no courses to help with such a transition. Working with the iC3 team has helped me to improve my outlook, the way I do business, to recognize the things that matter, and to stay focused on those things!


Shayne Milligan
CEO, PVI Prairie Villa Insurance

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