You’re a business leader
with vision and passion.Our Results Accelerator uncovers gaps preventing you from reaching your potential.

As an entrepreneur, you’re passionate about your business. It’s an amazing time to be an entrepreneur, but it also comes with many challenges that can get in your way. Work with us to overcome those challenges. Realize your vision and scale an inspiring business that’s a magnet for awesome people.

We've got the path and the tools to get you there:

Create clarity of vision:

A clear vision gives your team a unified target.

Make an impact:

Your ideas could change lives. Let them shine.

Reach your potential:

Get the framework. Allow your team to thrive.


That entrepreneurial spirit is a special gift! It can feel a little like the wild west at times, no doubt. When you have a predictable path for developing and sharing that desire, though, you can turn your singular passion into an entire Passionate Enterprise.

Insurance Professionals

Our team has extensive experience working within the insurance industry and offers specialized programs for insurance professionals and brokerages that address key challenges faced by the industry.

The Results Accelerator:
Taking our Results Accelerator is the first step to ensuring you and your business reach your full potential. As well as you already know your business, our Results Accelerator promises to bring an even greater level of clarity. Let’s get started. It only takes 5 minutes!
Here's what our clients have to say...

iC3 has provided enormous guidance in the overall operations of my business. My current success can be attributed to Rick’s coaching around many aspects of my business, including growing the business, improving client relationships and increasing the level of employee engagement. Over the past 5 years my business has grown significantly and there are no courses to help with such a transition. Working with Rick has helped me to improve my outlook, the way I do business, to recognize the things that matter, and to stay focused on those things!


Shayne Milligan
CEO, PVI Prairie Villa Insurance

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