Leveling Up Employee Engagement

Are your employees engaged?

You’ve probably heard about the importance of having engaged employees, but what’s the difference between an “engaged” employee and a “happy” one, anyway? Let us tell you a story to help explain.  

I was visiting friends in California and made a trip to Nordstrom – known for their amazing customer service – to look for a few new dress shirts. As I began looking around, a saleslady came to my assistance. She quickly learned my name and offered to show me some ties to accompany the shirts. And in the bag they went! Or so I thought.  

When I got home and went to put my new clothes away, I realized that the ties were missing. Calling the department store, I got in touch with the saleslady who helped me, Jean, to see if she had set the ties aside. Sure enough, not only had she set them aside, she had even tried calling my credit card company to get in touch with me!

She apologized profusely for this error and for another: she had failed to mention the free monogramming service that the store offers. To make up for it, she offered to deliver my ties to me when she got off of work, pick up my shirts for monogramming, and then deliver the shirts back to me the next day, once they were ready.  

This saleslady was offering up her own time and service to make sure that I was more than satisfied with my experience. And that’s what defines an engaged employee: one that is so committed to the company that they will go above and beyond to ensure that clients are more than satisfied. 

So how do you bridge the gap from happy employees to engaged employees?  

We’ve worked for 17 years perfecting an employee engagement process. A key concept is that when you take the time to conduct an anonymous survey, with well-thought-out questions intended to gather qualitative information, you’re able to gain valuable insight into how your employees perceive your company and their relation to it’s growth and success.  

By listening carefully and analyzing the feedback, you can create an action plan to address your findings and measure your results.

But is it worth it? 

Yes! Gallup says the top 25% of companies in their database outperform the bottom 25% with significantly less absenteeism, half as many safety accidents, 60% fewer defects, and higher customer loyalty – all signs of a highly engaged workforce! Your employees are your ultimate competitive advantage. Get them on your team! 

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