Green Bananas – Are you Buying Them?

Are you buying green bananas?

When I ask my friend Doug “How are you?”, more often than not, he’ll reply “Well, I’m still buying green bananas!”.

He thinks he’s got a reasonable shot at still being around when his green bananas ripen to full yellow!

What are the “green bananas” in your business? They could be

  • That bright young kid you hired last year who hasn’t reached her full potential yet, but you think she will before you retire!
  • That new sales idea that isn’t producing great returns, but you still believe in it and won’t give up.
  • That new piece of technology that so far is hard to deal with, but you know it’s the way of the future.

Should you buy green bananas?

Well, what happens to the bunch of bananas when they’re around a day too long? Yeah, right …. Black and mushy in quick order. So yes, for heaven’s sake, buy them! But not too many, just enough that the whole bunch will have a nice healthy appeal.