Work From Home – What Comes Next?

Work From Home – What Comes Next?

For insurance brokers, the transition to work-from-home has been a huge success. There is a well-deserved sense of accomplishment that may be masking what comes next.

When it comes to working from home, this may become our next normal, and not everyone on your team will have the same long-term success in adapting. Here are five things to keep in mind when running your business with a work-from-home team.

    1. Maintain your morning team video calls. Make them short and very focused, but don’t stop having them. These calls let your team members know they are valued.
    2. Look for body language. In the morning video call, look for body language that signals a team member who may be struggling. You know that when communicating emotion, body language is 55% of the message!
    3. Have weekly 1:1 check-ins. Weekly 1:1 check-ins with your direct reports are more important than ever. This is an opportunity to use your EQ and to make sure that your people are well in the broad sense of the word.
    4. Protect your people. If you have any pot-stirrers on your team (we call them terrorists), they will still be up to no good and may be even more dangerous because they’re now out of sight. Don’t let them distract your engaged team members!
    5. Conduct an anonymous survey. If you ask, “How are you doing?” you’re almost certain to get a positive response. To find out what they really think, conduct a short, focused anonymous survey that addresses the key aspects of the shift to working from home.

Click here to take a look at the survey we have created for our clients and feel free to use our questions.

If you wish, we will happily conduct a survey for you at no charge, and provide you with a written report. No catch, just wanting to give back and help out our neighbors.

Our Survey Coordinator, Sadie Bauman will set up your survey for you.

We hope these reminders will help you be a great leader in this time of crisis!