Let’s have a little quiz! Who made these statements?

“A man on the moon by the end of the decade.”

“I have a dream!”

“Let’s build 100 houses in 5 years!”

We’re guessing you got the first two but the third – that’s tougher!

Actually, the third one came out of the mouth of a sweaty, tired insurance guy, as he sat in the hot Nicaragua sun taking a water break from building a humble one-room concrete block house for a family in a tiny village.

What do all three of these statements have in common?

They inspired ordinary people to achieve unbelievable results.

Yes, even the insurance guy – he and his traveling companions did build 100 houses in five­­ years! In fact, the count is now 235+ houses, two schools, and over 100 latrines.

So…would you like your own brand of extraordinary results in your company?

Then get busy and define your vision!

First, you need to pick a target date (three years out would be good).

Then, your vision needs to have a “numbers” part, and a “soft stuff” part.

Your numbers could include

  • Total Revenue
  • Revenue per Employee
  • Employee & Client Engagement Scores
  • Growth
  • Retention
  • Closing Ratio

We suggest you try to pick 5 or so – makes it easier to remember.

Oh, we almost forgot! The numbers you pick for three-years out need to be scary – make them big, stretch goals!

The “soft stuff” should be the words you would like your best clients and favorite business partners to use when they describe your organization.  Things like

  • dynamic sales organization
  • very customer focused
  • true team players
  • highly engaged employees
  • very positive atmosphere

Once you’ve completed your vision, give your words to a graphic artist who can help to make it visually engaging. And come up with a theme to make it truly memorable.

Then over-communicate your Vision (yes, it should now be capital-V) to anyone who will listen. JFK did. Martin Luther King did. And then magical things happened! Even for the insurance guy! We know! Our Head Coach is ‘the insurance guy’!

In two or at most three one-hour sessions we can complete The Vision Creator and have you on your way to incredible results.

Want some help crafting your Vision? Set up a Discovery Conversation with one of our Coaches!