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Navigating through this rapidly changing world, identifying our ideal client and how to attract and retain them, creating the services to stay ahead of our competition, building the most efficient and effective processes and most importantly, realizing why we do what we do, are all challenges we could not have conquered without the assistance and guidance of the team at ic3. They have been significantly impactful on us becoming the best we’ve ever been.

Greg J. Dunlap
President & Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Mutual Insurance Company

A key value in these programs is the opportunity to see how we stack up compared to other top brokerages using concrete metrics.

Dave Pettigrew
CEO, Harvard Western Insurance

Our involvement with BPG continually pushes us to strive to be a best-in-class brokerage in the eyes of our employees, our customers, and our company partners. By improving business processes while connecting all our team members to our “why”, we are cultivating a culture of highly motivated and customer-centric teams. A great benefit of membership is the sharing of business practices and ideas with other like-minded brokerages. Anyone interested in joining this group should be ready to dig deep… this is truly a process of taking the time to step back from the day-to-day of your brokerage to work “on” your business. By setting a concrete plan in motion, you will see the results you plan for.

Susan Gilbert
COO, MIG Insurance

The greatest benefit I have received from being part of the Broker Performance Group is the networking opportunities of the semi-annual summits. It is encouraging to see that others experience the same kind of struggles that I deal with on a daily basis, and that I’m not alone in these challenges! The summit also offers me and my team an opportunity to work on the business, away from the day-to-day distractions of the office. I really value Rick’s guidance in the overall operations of my business. My current success can be attributed to Rick’s coaching around many aspects of my business, including growing the business, improving client relationships and increasing the level of employee engagement. Over the past 5 years my business has grown significantly and there are no courses to help with such a transition. My membership in this group has helped me to improve my outlook, the way I do business, to recognize the things that matter, and to stay focused on those things!

Shayne Milligan
COO, PVI Prairie Villa Insurance

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