Strategic Fitness Challenge

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Over the last 20+ years, if we asked almost any insurance broker in Canada “So, who needs a strategic plan?”, the answer from most could very well have been “Not me”!

We’ve always said to brokerage principals – “If you want to have a busy day, you don’t need a plan! Just show up at the office!” Nine days out of ten, enough things will happen to keep you very busy all day. Solving a staff issue, responding to a referral from a happy client, meeting with an insurance company rep, interviewing a prospective employee – the list goes on.

And the rewards for taking this approach have been exceptional.

Oh, you’ve had a plan of sorts – things you want to achieve, but you haven’t needed a true Strategic Plan.

Well, we hope you’ve come to the realization that what got you here, isn’t going to get you there, “there” being your ultimate goal for the business, and for your life. Brokers are facing unprecedented challenges today. So, who needs a formal strategic plan?

You do!

In your efforts to develop a plan, you have probably run square into the ITB Virus. ITB stands for “I’m Too Busy”. You get hooked on being reactive and working in the business and don’t make enough time to work on the business.

Well, we’ve done some work to help you with your Strategic Plan.

In our work with brokers across Canada, we’ve identified 13 major Threats – factors coming from outside the four walls of your brokerage, any one of which could have a major impact on your business.

You can’t make these Threats go away!

What you can do is focus on the issues that are within your four walls. We’ve identified 20 such Strategic Issues. By prioritizing these Strategic Issues, identifying those that are Strengths of your Brokerage and can be leveraged, and those that are Weaknesses that you need to overcome, you can maximize your ability to turn the Threats into Opportunities!

We put these Threats and Strategic Issues into a package and called it The Broker Strategic Fitness Challenge. It’s free and it takes about twenty minutes to complete.

In completing The Broker Strategic Fitness Challenge, you will:

  • Review the 13 Threats and provide your ranking of their potential impact on Canadian brokers
  • Identify the most relevant of the 20 Strategic Issues for your brokerage
  • Complete a self-evaluation on your execution on these Strategic Issues

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What’s in it for you?

  • We will send you your own Strategic Opportunity Map – a 1-page graphic overview of your Strategic Fitness, based on your own self-assessment
  • If you already have a strategic plan, this is a great plan verifier
  • If you are like most brokers and don’t have a formal plan, this will give you a jump start on building your own Strategic Plan
  • We will also schedule your own private Strategic Fitness Workshop and Action Planning Session with our Head Coach, Rick Bauman.

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So, take a step towards making sure yours is one of the Top Performing Brokers of 2025 – click here and participate in the Broker Strategic Fitness Challenge!