Sadie BaumanCoach & Survey Coordinator

Sadie has been working in the General Insurance Industry since 1978. Her most recent project includes the collection, analysis and evaluation of Client and Employee Engagement survey data for a group of high performance insurance brokerages. This survey data is correlated with the financial results of each brokerage to assist in the development of action plans to enhance the overall performance of the organization.

Sadie’s background began at the company level, in commercial underwriting and marketing roles. From this evolved one of her passions – to coach and develop / facilitate technical training programs to insurance professionals. With a partner, she launched ITAC Inc. (Insurance Training and Consulting) which for 12 years was the preeminent insurance training organization in Atlantic Canada. More recently Sadie has developed the TechFit Commercial and Personal Insurance™‘Train the Trainer’ programs. These programs offer complete step-by-step guides for the seasoned or the first-time facilitator; including complete facilitator notes, exercises, animated slideshow and participant workbook.

To accompany the programs, she has developed the TechFit Knowledge Profile™, a quick and easy on-line assessment tool that the facilitator can use to measure the technical knowledge levels of the training participant before and after training. Sadie has completed the designations of CIP, FCIP and CRM.