Sales Systems

Every brokerage has at least one (often several!) sales systems. The most commonly found commercial sales system is the “Look/Copy/Quote/Pray” Model, as Roger Sitkins calls it.

It goes like this:

  • Get an X-date
  • Cold call
  • Visit the prospect
  • Get a copy of the existing policies
  • Complete a Survey (this step is not always included)
  • Try to find some gaps in coverage
  • Paper your insurance markets
  • Beat up your underwriters for the lowest price possible
  • Put together a quote summary and a proposal that’s all about your brokerage
  • Present to the prospect
  • Pray that yours is the lowest price
  • Close the sale 25% of the time

Sound familiar?

Guess what? Your prospects hate this approach!

But that’s all they know because we’ve trained them very well!

Look out though! By the time you have your first contact with a receptive prospect, 57% of the sales process is already over!

Slowly but surely, your prospects are saying “Enough! I want a broker who cares about my business!”

That’s why we created The Opportunity Guardô Sales System for commercial clients, and The Lifestyle Blueprintô Sales System for personal clients.

Let us show you how these revolutionary Sales Systems can help you

  • Transform your Sales Team from insurance policy vendors into Risk Advisors
  • Make it much easier to recruit and train new producers
  • Triple your Closing Ratio
  • Attract bigger and better clients
  • Totally differentiate your Brokerage from your competition
  • Make your existing clients truly bullet-proof

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