Productivity Over Perfection

Is Perfection the Enemy of Your Productivity?

Our experience shows that productivity is not about getting more done. It is about getting the most important things done.

Perfection can impede productivity in a few ways. Procrastination slows down productivity when waiting for perfection in timing and conditions. It also leads to holding onto unimportant tasks too long, depleting time available to spend on the essential tasks.

What’s the solution? Striving for excellence is great, provided you also make sure that 20% of your efforts are focused on the most important things for your business – and you temper the pursuit of excellence to achieve that balance.

Execution is about prioritization, not perfection. It’s about intentional planning, adopting good habits, and maintaining the right mindset.

Our performance management tool, the Perfect Week, is based on scheduling time on your calendar for the most important things. It isn’t about being perfect. It’s about what’s perfect for you.

To further emphasize the importance of doing what’s right for you, we are renaming that planner to My Best Week. Right-size your weekly planning for the pursuit of becoming better for you and your business, not becoming perfect.