Corporate Values Process Gaps

Are there Gaps Between your Corporate Values and your Processes?

Gaps growing between your organization’s corporate values and processes could be diluting your culture!

A great culture happens when behaviours, systems, and practices are aligned and guided by your corporate values. When these things are not aligned, the gaps will show, and the symptoms you may see are things like, a decrease in employee engagement, lower staff productivity, and the loss of great employees.

Every time a change is made in systems, processes, and practices without careful thought and planning, it could be unintentionally affecting your established culture.

To avoid this problem, before implementing process change, map out how the change will affect behaviours and how those line up with your values and business culture. This allows you time to make adjustments before launching. Doing this step will make sure your innovation does not undermine your engagement.

Doing a culture check periodically is good organizational due diligence.