Nurturing Lasting Accountability

Maintaining a culture of accountability in your company is hard work—we know!

We have had countless brokers from all over Canada bemoan the difficulty they’ve had implementing accountability throughout their practices. So, if you’ve been wondering if you’re the only company suffering from a lack of accountability, take heart! You’re not alone. 

The common story

In our experience, companies who struggle to implement and maintain accountability tell a very similar story. It tends to go like this:

  • You discuss your goals with your employees. Everyone seems to agree. Meeting adjourned.
  • You do your best to provide support to your employees to ensure success.
  • Time goes by, and you review your results.
  • You experience disappointment. You didn’t get the results you were hoping for.
  • You ask for an explanation for the failure to meet goals.
  • You experience exhaustion listening to a litany of excuses.
  • Repeat above (begrudgingly).
  • You want to complain, but accept that “this is just the way it is.”
  • Finally, you reach a boiling point and let loose with an angry outburst.
  • Employees are shocked by your frustration.
  • Nothing further happens, so you settle into an armed truce.

Yes, this story sounds a little over the top, but the fact is, this happens All. The. Time. It really does get this bad for many companies. They end up feeling hopeless, frustrated by their team, and exhausted.

But here’s the thing. Accountability isn’t something you just say exists, and *poof,* it’s there. It’s something you need to develop from the top down, meticulously and strategically.

Introduce, EZ- Accountability

After years of working with businesses that all struggle with the same issue, and failing to find successful solutions, we put out heads together to create a solution that does work.

First, we work with you to develop a straight forward, three-year vision using five key performance measures. Then, we’ll break down this long-term vision into scorecards for your entire team, making the path forward clear and actionable. Next, we’ll come together to build an operational plan for the successful implementation of your vision. We’ll show you how to use technology to track it all and put accountability at the core of your business.

Accountability isn’t something we take lightly. We understand that if a company is lacking accountability, it lacks the strength it needs to grow and thrive. We’ve seen first-hand the power of this solution, and we believe in its ability to bring businesses the accountability they desperately need.

Photo by suthisak