Go For It!

Congratulations on making the choice to “Go For It!”

You are beginning a journey that will be very challenging and very, very rewarding! We will show you how to build a Passionate Enterprise™ – a brokerage driven by clear values and a compelling vision. A brokerage inspired by a cohesive leadership team with a strategic plan that spells out the path to doubling the value of the brokerage over the next 5 years. A brokerage with a culture of accountability where every member of the team knows performance drives rewards.

This journey begins with a self-assessment of your strategic fitness in 22 key areas.

Click below to take the iC3 Strategic Fitness Challenge. It takes 20 minutes to complete. From your results, the iC3 team will create your opportunity map. We will also schedule your own private strategic fitness workshop and action planning session with our head coach, Rick Bauman.

There is no charge for this tremendous opportunity to begin your initiative to “Go For It!”