Empower with Delegation

Empower your team – be a great delegator!

Delegation can be a huge motivator – if you do it right! And doing it right is a challenge in a distributed workforce. Here are some reminders of great delegation:

  1. Your style of delegation needs to be tailored to each of your team members. One size does not fit all!
  2. No seagull management allowed! (You know – fly in, drop a load of poop and leave). Delegation must be thoughtful and purposeful.
  3. Delegate the ‘what’, not the ‘how’. The more ‘how’, the less motivation.
  4. Be precise in defining for the delegatee what a successful outcome looks like.
  5. Conduct the act of delegation in a video call, not an email. Make it easy for dialogue to happen and body language to be read.
  6. Clearly establish the post-delegation care-and-feeding schedule. (What progress reports do you want, and when?)
  7. Show up at delivery time. Set a target completion date and be present for the celebration of the successful completion of the delegated task.

Wishing you effective delegation!