Employee Poaching Outlawed by Trudeau!

Employee Poaching Outlawed by Trudeau!

The Ottawa rumour mill has it that Prime Minister Trudeau is contemplating an Order-in-Council to outlaw employee poaching!

Wait a minute! That’s not true! But what if it were true? Far and away the most popular recruiting avenue for brokers from coast to coast is poaching employees from the other guy! It seems that it’s not working very well anymore. I wonder why?

Here are some possible reasons

  • The people you really want, have hunkered down in their current positions
  • Or they’ve already left due to burnout or the great resignation

I propose a three-stage response to the shrinking talent pool – one that may help to eliminate employee poaching!

Short term

  • Initiate a “Stay Interview” program. Check out the iC3 Stay Interview Template!
  • Take what you learn from these interviews and build an employee value proposition i.e. why is this a great place to work?
  • Think like a marketer and package this and “sell” it to your existing employees
  • Use the package in social media and on your website – (looking for a good example? Try this https://www.linkedin.com/company/usaa/jobs/)

Medium term

  • Target potential employees currently working in other service industries
  • Design the education program they would need to complete in order to become Insurance people
  • Hire a trainer or contract with a third-party training company
  • Launch your own training school
  • PS – Ask me about the “Niche Hire” model

Long term

  • Target the green peas – that is the recent graduates from community college and/or university
  • Offer a scholarship program to attract the attention of the best students
  • Build your own full-blown insurance brokerage training program (hire a trainer or contract with a third-party training company)
  • Be prepared to catch the graduates from your training program upon graduation and surround them with strong coaching and mentoring
  • In other words, start growing your own people

The bottom line? If you expect to be independent and able to compete effectively five years down the road, then it’s definitely time to realize you need to make a deep dive on hiring and training your own team from the ground up.

Then it won’t matter if Mr. Trudeau does outlaw employee poaching!

For more information on Stay Interviews, send me an email at rick@ic3.ca