Do you have a Sales System?

There’s a very good reason why it’s “capital-S” for Sales and “capital-S” for System. It all started about 5 hours ago when I began a simple task – create for my team a one-pager infographic describing our Sales System.

The ‘simple task’ turned into a solid hour of beating myself up for omitting so many sales basics in our System. I quickly fixed my errors but re-learned some valuable points that I’d like to share with you, in the form of a checklist:

    1. Do you have a Sales System? By that, I mean a 1-pager that graphically describes the step-by-step process you follow to convert a prospect to a client.
    2. Does your Sales System create value for your prospect, in each and every step?
    3. Does the very process of your Sales System set you apart from your competition?
    4. Is your Sales System focused on your prospect’s issues, or is it focused on pitching your services?
    5. Is your Sales System respectful of the principles of reciprocity – you’re creating value for your prospect, and you’re spelling out what your prospect needs to do for you in return? For example, not waste your time if they are just looking for a lower price.
    6. Is following your Sales System non-optional for every member of your sales team?
    7. Is it non-optional for your sales team to practice using the Sales System, so they can follow it in a comfortable, conversational manner?

Hopefully, you had lots of yeses, but if not, here’s an offer for you – I’ll share my 1-pager with you if you email me directly What’s the catch? I’m going to ask you for your 1-pager – once you have one!

Happy selling!