Core Values

Speeding up the Organization

Rick Bauman offers this story.

“Christmas is always a special time – even at the office. But one year at my brokerage, I knew I was in trouble.

It was our traditional group gift exchange and it came to my turn.

Sometimes the gifts were “real’, sometimes they were gags. As I started unwrapping, I wasn’t sure which was in store for me.

Out of the wrapping emerged two things – a great big screw hook and a set of paper tags on strings, each with a number – 1 to 50.

What the heck was this?

Then I got it! Ouch! It was a “take a number” dispenser for me to install at my office door. Very funny!

But a wise lady once taught me “there is truth in all humor”. So, this was a message. ‘If you want to talk to Rick, take a number’. Ouch again!

One of the great things about owning your own business is feeling important, useful, maybe even indispensable, huh? But I got the message – I was the pinch in the pipe. All decisions had to come to me. Not good.”

How to fix it? (By the way, sound familiar?)

Here’s what he did.

He realized that when he made decisions, at least about important things, anyway, he used a set of guidelines or beliefs, or values. The things that to him are non-negotiable. Commonly called “core values”.

But he had always thought of “core values” as one of those fluffy things up there with “mission statement” and “vision”.

Not now.

He realized he needed to write down these “core values” and share them with his employees and teach them to make the same decision he would make and to make it without taking a number. To make it faster. No more pinch in the pipe.

So he did. He wrote down his core values – He didn’t have to create them, he just had to clarify them. They were already alive and well, living in his head. They weren’t much good there! They wound up printed on a small card in a plastic stand on everybody’s desk.

Today, we can help a broker clarify his or her core values in about an hour using our tool called The Core Values Clarifier.

But however you do it, if you want to stop being the pinch in the pipe, relieve some of that pressure you’re feeling and speed up your organization, then clarify and communicate your core values.

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