Building A Leadership Team

Creating a Cohesive Leadership Team

We want you to complete a simple exercise.

Grab a blank piece of paper.

At the top, write the name of a team of people you consider to be truly high-performance. It can be a sports team, or a race-car pit crew or Cirque de Soleil (our favorite example!). It doesn’t matter who you pick – as long as you see the team as being high-performance.

OK now create a 2-column chart – the left column says “Attribute” and for now, the right column is blank.

Now write down in the left column all the attributes you can think of that make the team you chose a high-performance team.

So, you might write things like – they practice a lot, they assign people to their best roles, they respect each other, they call each other for non-performance, and so on.

Go ahead now – make your list.

All right. You have your list of 15 or 20 attributes. Now it’s time for the right column. Its heading is “Current Rating”.

What goes in this column is the rating you would give to your team – the leadership team of your brokerage. Use a scale of 0-10 where 10 is ‘perfect’ and 0 is, well, zero!

So, if you chose “they respect each other” as an attribute, rate your leadership team on the level of respect they have for each other.

Go ahead now and score your team.

Finished? Circle your three lowest scores and write down the one thing you are going to do this week to improve each one.

Let’s debrief. Why did we have you do this? Because you need a highly cohesive team of leaders in order to be ‘the best’! But you already knew that!


Here are some simple steps to help you improve the cohesiveness of your leadership team.

1. Make sure you have the right people in the right roles on the team

  • “Right people” means first and foremost, they share your values.
  • “Right role” means a great match between duties and Natural Talents.
  • We think there are 8 Key Roles on the Leadership Team. That’s 8 roles, not 8 people! The Roles are CEO, Sales, Service, Admin, Finance, HR, IT and Marketing.

2. Enhance their knowledge of each other

  • Use tools like the Omnia Profile and the Kolbe A Index to help your team know themselves and each other better.

3. Make your expectations crystal clear

  • Develop a shared Vision for the brokerage
  • Determine upon what KPI’s each member of the team will be measured
  • Develop a Scorecard for each member of your team that spells out the KPI’s and behaviors
  • Have a weekly 10-minute check-in with each member of the team

4. Develop a Leadership Team Contract

  • This is a written contract that spells out each member’s KPI’s, behaviors and just what the other members of the team are counting on the individual to deliver

5. Conduct weekly, 1-hour Leadership Team meetings to review progress and confirm responsibilities

6. Build a bonus compensation plan that rewards results

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