Are you a Vulnerable Business Leader?

Vulnerable Leadership – The Leader Goes First!

Are you a vulnerable business leader? Do you understand the impact you can have on your team, simply by demonstrating vulnerability?

If a company is not growing, learning and thriving through adaptive change and innovation it may not be able to survive the complexity of the world today.

To promote this type of culture on teams, leaders need to look at their own personal comfort level with vulnerability and productive conflict.

Leaders who model vulnerability, admit when they are wrong or don’t have the answers, create trust and a safe place to share passionate ideological debate within their teams. They invite others to stretch beyond their comfort zones and reward the risk of doing so. Failure is not punished nor ridiculed but used as a tool to learn and adapt.

Patrick Lencioni tells us that when it comes to showing vulnerability – the leader goes first. Leaders who take the lead and create norms for team conduct in this regard can give permission for teams to be comfortable and feel safe speaking openly