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How do you see the insurance broker channel? Are the good times going to roll on forever OR do you believe the game has changed and only ‘the best’ will have a secure and rewarding future?

We go to work every day to help successful brokers become ‘the best’. Look at the stats below to see how members of The Broker Performance Group are doing and then click the button below.

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The Brokerage Performance Group facilitates valuable collaboration between brokerage owners. Learn how your business is performing across 22 key performance indicators and implement specific strategies to improve.

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Is your business reaching its fullest potential? Do you have a clear direction and the tools you need to get there? We can help you assess your current situation, create a vision for your business, and develop an effective team of people who will help your business grow dramatically.

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Want to join our group of brokers who are putting up numbers like this?


Pre-Tax Profit Excluding CPC


Employee Satisfaction


Operating Costs Below 12% of Commission


CPC an Amazing 34% of Commission

“A key value in these programs is the opportunity to see how we stack up compared to other top brokerages using concrete metrics.”

-Dave Pettigrew, CEO, Harvard Western Insurance

You have forced us to address our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and you’ve shown us a path and a plan for dealing with them. Recently we have faced some enormous transitional challenges. With your coaching and support we have made a remarkable turnaround in our culture and in the atmosphere and morale in our office.

For me as CEO, the noise level has dropped to inaudible! We are a much better brokerage because of our membership in the Broker Performance Group!

Mark Sherk

CEO, Verge Insurance Group

What the Broker Performance Group does for us is provide focus on the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It helps us understand how to change behaviour and our results. It also provides a very useful measurement of how well we are doing compared to fellow brokerages.

The KPI focus and comparisons alone are worth the membership because it gives management a scorecard as to how well the brokerage is doing. This is critical when planning for the future.

Richard Barnabe

President, BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Our membership in the Broker Performance Group keeps us in the loop – We collaborate with real people with real issues.

The metrics provided by iC3 give us a solid basis for sharing ideas and knowing how we stack up. Our management team have experienced tremendous growth in their confidence and knowledge as a result of our participation in the group.

Rod Vatcher

President, Cal LeGrow Insurance & Financial

Some Questions You May Be Asking

Improving your business will take time and effort, but the returns can far outweigh your investment. Read the FAQs below for a better understanding as to what you can expect from our coaching programs. Click the (+) sign beside each question to reveal the corresponding answer.

I am so busy right now. Wouldn't it be better to pursue joining the Broker Performance Group once I have more time to invest into it?

An appropriate question to ask yourself is, “When will I have time to make my business better?”

The fact is, there are always other things that can be prioritized over business growth, development, and training for yourself and your leadership team. But, it is these important actions that will take your business from good to great. If time is your biggest hurdle then it might be exactly the right time to make some changes.

It’s also important to know that our programs are not going to pile “homework” on your lap. We are here to work with you through proven processes that get results. Yes, we do need some time commitment from you, but we will be working with you to ensure that your time is well-invested.

I have some loose ends to tie up and a few projects to finish. Can we begin the process once my business is in a better spot?

We call this the Cleaning Lady Syndrome. Oftentimes, business owners know they have room to improve their business but they don’t want to begin until they, well, improve their business. This is similar to hiring a cleaning lady but then cleaning your house before she arrives. You are placing extra burden on yourself and not getting full value from the service you’ve purchased.

Your business does not have to be perfect in order for you to begin building it in the right direction. This is exactly what we’re paid to do – We are here to help you work through today’s problems and help you plan for the future. Don’t say, “I just have to take care of these projects first” – Let’s begin building in the right direction right now.

I've heard all this stuff before. What am I really going to learn from you and your programs?

The coaching we offer is only a small part of the total value of our programs. We will provide you with tools and processes that directly lead to profitable action. We are not here to teach. We are here to coach you step-by-step through the processes that will get you results.

There are other business coaches out there. Why should I listen to you?

We are experts in the insurance industry and have achieved a history of excellence. Rick owned an insurance brokerage for over 22 years and it grew at a 27% annual rate while achieving 32% profitability. We are not business consultants. We are insurance experts who would like to help you achieve the same success we have.

Our advice is not based on hypotheticals. Everything we teach and coach is based on our own industry experience and success.

I'm interested. What is the first step?

We’re glad you’re interested in working with us and we’re eager to learn more about your business. To begin, you can contact us to schedule a free Discovery Conversation that will help us learn about your needs and whether you would be a good fit for our programs. This initial process takes just 30 minutes and is always time well-spent.

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